VENUS Presents: Y.S. Park Master Class – Mississauga Academy

Leanne Holmes


March 28, 2017

Mississauga Academy

7400 Pacific Circle, Mississauga, ON



An advanced hands on version of his “LOOK & LEARN” class, the “MASTER CLASS” is developed to be a fully interactive class with Mr. Y.S. Park.

Using his innovative technique, and globally-renowned product design mastery skills, Mr. Y.S. Park has developed a revolutionary technique of analyzing and understanding the head shape, that can be applied to any client and service. Mr. Y.S. Park has engineered a set of unique tools, “Head Fit Rulers” (guides) in order to be able to translate this new information to stylists and colorists alike. For the first time in Canada, Mr. Young Soo Park will explain and demonstrate his revolutionary 3D map of the head with his new generation of tools, including his innovative way of understanding the head shape, precise measurements, and how to apply this knowledge to styling, cutting and coloring. It will completely change your outlook on how you cut or color, and will equip you with new techniques only accessible to those in attendance.

As this class is for a very limited audience, you will have the opportunity to fully interact with Mr. Y. S. Park, and create your own YS PARK head map on a mannequin head as a guide for future use.

Class Time: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm
Lunch/Head Form: Included
Investment: $500.00 + HST
Includes 3 sets of exclusive guides ($400.00 value)