Free PreEmpt Webinar • Fight The Virus With PreEmpt

Leanne Holmes


March 30, 2020

Free PreEmpt Webinar • Fight The Virus With PreEmpt

The best form of protection: Education
Knowing how to identify the risks and coming up with appropriate action is key to preventing pathogens from spreading to you and your clients!

COVID-19 Situation
COVID-19 has taken a firm hold in Canada and is growing exponentially. Most experts agree that what is happening here is just the beginning of what is being reported around the world. We are also witnessing the impact this is having on travel restrictions, school closures, business interruption and a growing reluctance to engage in public activities like going to the gym, restaurants, movie theatres and yes, even spas and salons!

As an industry that prides itself on making clients look and feel their best, but also comes into direct contact with the public, what can we do to make sure our clients feel at ease, our businesses don’t suffer, and most importantly, employees and guests alike remain healthy and safe? Follow the best practice in terms of Infection Control!

Register for one of our upcoming webinars to learn more about Infection Control with PREempt!

Upcoming 30 minute Webinars:
March 30 • 11:30AM EST
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March 30 • 3:00PM EST
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PreEmpt Webinars will be hosted by Chrissie Paraschos
Chrissie has been an effective and active advocate for best practices in infection control since 2013. She is committed to providing the information and education required for best infection control practices in the beauty industry which also includes colleges, private beauty schools, beauty distributors, salon/spas and so forth.

Along side CBON GROUP and Virox Technologies, it is their mission to ensure that salon and spa standards of infection control be at a level that can be recognized and accepted by the government, local health inspectors and industry standards, while also being safe, effective and environmentally responsible.