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A wax and oil based pomade of impeccable quality that creates a smooth,medium shine with flawless hold. Perfect for styling barberhop classics such as pompadours, quiffs and contours as well as the latest fashion textures.

Suitable for normal to thick hair textures and provides a firm hold that completely transforms hair, making it easy to mould into any shape.

MSRP 1.3 oz $8.00, 4 oz $18.25 and 12 oz $39.00


  • Holds as strong as Red Pomade — it’s the Green Pomade on steroids
  • Medium shine
  • Controls even the curliest, thickest, most unruly hair
  • Keeps hair in place and looking great all day
  • Reuzel Grease Heavy Hold doensn’t dry or harden in the hair, so you can restyle as needed throughout the day without losing control or shine.