FRAMAR Palmshell Foil• July 2022




Framar Palmshell

5×11 Palmshell Pop Up (500 Sheets)
•Pre-cut and pre-folded foils that are ready when you are. No prep needed!
•Embossed texture prevents foils from slipping so that you can breeze through any service.

Palmshell Embossed Roll (320ft)
•Cut foil to desired length. Great for long hair and minimizes waste.
•Comes in it’s own dispensing box with blade for cutting foil.

Palmshell Power Painter (2 Pack)
•Extra brush surface area is amazing for balayage, blending and foil applications.
•Created to mimic the size and shape of a painter’s brush.

Palmshell Gator Grips (4 Pack)
• 2 pink, 2 green rubberized clips.
•Durable clips bend in two places with industrial rust- proof springs to ensure hair has 360 support.