Moroccanoil Curl Defining Mousse


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For curly to tightly coiled hair
• Curl Defining Mousse is a precision mousse that shapes and maintains curls of tightly coiled hair

Coil factors define spirals, defy humidity and give the memory and energy to bounce back hour after hour. The Curl Defining Mousse seals in moisture, eliminates frizz and provides improved shine and a smoothing texture to the curls.

• For styling, shaping and taming curls
• Long lasting soft and natural hold
• Weather safe – eliminates frizz

Styling and finishing

After shampooing and conditioning, apply a generous amount of Curl Defining Mousse to towel-dried hair. Comb through hair and diffuse or smooth through with hands and let dry naturally.


  • Adds natural lipids to the hair to provide excellent luster and conditioning
  • Delivers exceptional curl memory benefits (can hold high energy, frizz free curls for longer)
  • Penetrates deep within the cortex and moisturizes from within